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Over 20 Years of Service

Over 2 Decades of Experience Phoenix Fast Patch uses our rapid response InstaQuote!vSystem and our Dustless Drywall techniques and specialty equipment deliver better, cleaner, faster, and more efficient drywall repair service across the Phoenix metro area. We want our clients to go back to their lives and not have to worry about the mess and hassle usually associated with drywall repairs.

Our Founder

Our founder, Mr. Martin, developed these dustless drywall systems from the experience of over 20+ years of working across the trades as a multifaceted renovations and repair general contractor. We now happily bring you the culmination of that expertise and experience, delivering a more excellent value of clean, quick, and dependable dustless drywall repairs to satisfied clients across the valley!


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Our certified crime-free technicians always go above and beyond to make sure our clients experience a clean, painless, and comfortable repair. We have also made a great effort to streamline our entire process so that you get a fantastic value at an affordable rate right when you need it. That is why it is so important to use drywall.

Why Dustless Drywall

Drywall is heavy, laborious, and can be challenging to make look nice –but we all know that the absolute worst part of drywall is the dust! When sanded, drywall dust very easily migrated throughout the surrounding area and can travel for a surprising distance. This is is wasteful and can dangerous for the technician.

By investing in specialty equipment, we’ve taken great lengths to develop the drywall techniques that allow us to perform a repair without producing the giant plumes of dust you are used to seeing from the less prepared drywall contractors, keeping you and our contractors safe!

Clean, quick, & Dependable!

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